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Whitestar Signature

Whitestar Signature Phacomulsification System

Revolutionizing lens removal technology...again

The WHITESTAR Signature® System is more than just the latest phaco technology — it's an all-new surgical platform.

It represents a breakthrough in safe, easy lens removal technology that has never been available to the cataract surgeon — until now. And it comes from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification in the past two decades.

Only the WHITESTAR Signature® System combines the safety of revolutionary Fusion® Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology. The integration of these technologies creates the versatility needed to remove both hard and soft lenses.

Revolutionary Fusion Fluidics

Fusion™ Fluidics provides increased chamber stability and safety to ensure better patient outcomes. It anticipates intraocular changes and proactively adjusts, so chamber stability is never compromised—even at higher vacuum and flow settings, with any technique, on any lens type. Based on pre-set specifications, Fusion™ Fluidics adapts to changes in vacuum immediately and automatically.

  • Fusion™ Fluidics surge-prevention technology allows
    the use of high vacuum and flow settings to reduce
    phaco time and increase efficiency
  • Improves chamber stability by anticipating
    occlusions and preemptively adjusting vacuum
    before occlusion breaks
  • Provides precise, low-flow parameters for
    complicated cases
  • One-step, auto-loading Fusion™ Fluidics cassette
    decreases turnover time



When the 'Up Time' has elapsed, Fusion™ Fluidics proactively steps down the vacuum to the predefined level before the occlusion breaks4

Whitestar ICE technology

Increase Your Cutting Power Without Increasing Energy

Cavitation's Cutting Power is the Key to Reducing Energy in the Anterior Chamber

Cavitation is a recognized source of ultrasonic cutting power.1-3 When bubbles strike, a high energy, localized implosion destroys nuclear material. The localized shock of this collision is a recognized source of phaco power.3,4

WHITESTAR™ ICE Technology maximizes the cavitational potential of phaco energy to optimize your surgical technique.



Accelerate Cavitation And Improve Cutting Efficiency

An initial punch at the beginning of each ICE Pulse allows gas-rich BSS to flow between the phaco tip and cataract material, acting as a transient cavitation accelerator.1

Cavitational Energy for all Grades of Cataract

Transient cavitation generates high-power cutting efficiency. WHITESTAR™ ICE Technology creates an ultrasonic pulse generating transient cavitation acceleration at power levels as low as 10%.1


Cutting Performance Balanced For Each Surgeon's Preference

Easy, Intuitive Setup

ICE Pulse comes with clinically evaluated preset parameters. The improved WHITESTAR™ ICE Technology user interface makes it easy to customize the ICE Pulse to your specific technique and preferences.

The ICE Pulse amplitude punch can be from 0% to 12% of total pulse power and can be set to increase, decrease or stay constant in each phaco setting.

Peristaltics& Venturi on-the-fly

The WHITESTAR Signature™ System features the ability to switch between a true peristaltic pump and true venturi pump on-the-fly. During a procedure, the surgeon can switch instantly into venturi mode for additional vacuum and holding power.6 This capability can be extremely useful in multi-surgeon environments and teaching institutions, allowing the flexibility to use both modalities in one system.

  • On-the-fly switching between flow-based peristaltic and vacuum-based venturi pumps all-in-one cassette
  • Safety at high vacuum is maintained
  • Pump choice can be preprogrammed by mode or submode
  • Aspiration capabilities
    • Peristaltic flow up to 60 cc/min
    • Peristaltic maximum vacuum of 650 mm Hg
    • Venturi vacuum up to 600 mm Hg

Easy-to-use, advanced technology

With WHITESTAR Signature™ System's ergonomic accessories and streamlined interface, the efficiency of the surgical environment is improved. It offers a number of new time-saving features including fast prime/tune, one-step easy-load tubing pack, intuitive user interface, and a sophisticated on-screen help program. It also incorporates today's high technology into cutting-edge features and accessories.


  • One-touch prime/tune cycle is AMO's fastest ever to expedite OR turnover
  • Surgeon settings can be uploaded to any WHITESTAR Signature™ System from a memory stick
  • Wireless Bluetooth® accessories and multi-lingual voice confirmation for hands-free communication and control
  • 17" LCD panel touch screen features one-touch access to all settings
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote gives OR staff more flexibility

Revolutionary surgical archive & teaching tool

Designed for use with the latest AMO® phaco systems, the Surgical Media Center revolutionizes surgical data management and phaco education with a new and innovative approach to traditional video overlay. This flexible surgical archive and teaching tool offers a real-time blending of system data and surgical video, as well as comprehensive playback and editing capability. No other overlay system can match its level of sophistication, adaptability, and ease.

  • Offers a unique presentation / surgical archive and teaching tool
    • Unique recall capability allows you to go back and view data and events even if they were not displayed during surgery
    • Manipulate data previews in a variety of ways (e.g. enlarge a graph or move the data to a different area of the screen so it doesn't block the surgical footage)
    • Make advanced video presentations and play back recordings using enhanced features including frame-by-frame analysis
  • Provides customizable video overlays
    • Choose data parameters such as aspiration, vacuum, power, bottle height, and occlusion settings from 20 different selections and combinations
    • Configure the screen as data plots, animated images, plain text, or static images

Tubing Pack

he Fusion™ Fluidics tubing pack offers one-step, auto-loading capabilities for instantaneous, accurate vacuum response.

Fusion™ Fluidics Single-Use Tubing OPO70

The Tubing Pack includes:

  • Mayo drape
  • Screen drape
  • Tubing manifold and irrigation/aspiration tubing
  • Integrated, closed drain bag
  • 19-gauge infusion sleeve
  • Test chamber

Ellips Transveral Ultrasound

Ellips ...the optimized alternative to torsional phaco

The WHITESTAR Signature™ System now combines Ellips™ Transversal Ultrasound with the cutting efficiency of WHITESTAR® Technology for a revolution in lens removal safety.

  • Longitudinal and transversal ultrasound simultaneously blended for constant emulsification that's designed to reduce clogging
  • Efficient cutting that doesn't require a change in technique and works with any tip style—straight or curved
  • Optimized with WHITESTAR® Micropulse Technology— provides superior magnetic followability1
  • Minimizes risk of thermal damage1