Outstanding for photocoagulation - Argon Wavelength 514 nm

- Less Pain Less Stress

- Neutral colored eye protection filter

Retina Laser – Model: CLASSIC

Outstanding for photocoagulation

The Classic is a highlight in coagulation systems. Precision lenses and a shifted coaxial couple laser stand for a masterful performance development.

With up to 1.2 Watt output power, a lot of applications on the retina can be realized. The big colored display gives a clear view even from the side.

  • Argon Wavelength 514 nm
  • Less Pain Less Stress
  • Neutral colored eye protection filter
  • Hand triggering possible
  • Adaption to almost any slit lamp: L-ord




The CLASSIC 514 – Retina Laser combined with a slit lamp


    • Illumination from above
    • Top notch optical quality
    • Designed for the posterior segment
    • Coaxility of illumination / laser beam / monitoring optic
    • LED or halogen illumination
    • Single hand operation



Ergonomic design enables easy and intuitive control of all critical functions. To easily change the spot size from 50 μm up to a maximum of 600 μm sets a new standard in ophthalmology. Select from 5 magnification levels to achieve the best optical view. The “Neutral Color Design” incorporates a noiseless protection filter. Single hand operation of the slit lamp allows ease of maneuverability especially when using a contact lens.


The argon laser in a μ-chip

  • Unobstructed view
  • Take control of your surgery
  • Ease of use

In terms of pain perception*, the argon 514 nm wavelength has shown to have advantages when compared to the KTP laser 532 nm wavelength: A.R.C. Laser brings back the 514 nm argon laser wavelength with all its advantages.

The CLASSIC 514 nm retinal laser from A.R.C. Laser is specifically tailored to modern day requirements for gentle treatments.
Based upon information compiled comparing KTP and argon lasers, the well established 514 nm wavelength used during argon laser photocoagulation is less painful.
* Based on the experiences of Dr. Udo Heuer and Dr. Zia Carrim during Q1 and Q2 2018


YES to Argon: Less Pain-Less Stress


Due to overwhelming positive feedback*, the new CLASSIC 514 Argon laser can improve laser photocoagulation treatment in your practice. The compact, robust packaging is less expensive, yet maintains the benefits of less pain and stress of the argon 514 nm wavelength. We have made the superior wavelength of the argon laser even better.

  • Less stress and less pain contributes to shorter times, better results and improves patient for follow-up treatments.
  • Less pain is of greatest importance for a more satisfying patient experience.