a perfect Phaco System - Very sophisticated
- Mobility
- Simplicity
- Safety
- Still Sophi, just smaller

Still Sophi, just smaller

Sophi A – The letter “A” stands for Anterior and provides you with the necessary features for anterior segment surgery. The already established functions of the Sophi family, such as the Peristaltic Pump, active IOP Control Pump, Efficient Sinus Phaco, vitrectomy and diathermy have all been integrated into the device. With Sophi A you can expect high-end performance on a small footprint.

1. Video-Inlay 2 Display

Microscope images transmitted to display through Wi-Fi


2. Ease of Use

Simple, clear and well laid out. You see only the information you currently require.


3. Sensory Information Assistance

Voice Information Assistance


4. IOP Control Pump

  • Integrated Pressure and Flow Sensor
  • Additional Peristaltic Pump dedicated to keeping the IOP stable.
  • Peristaltic Aspiration Pump



5. Foot Pedal

Smaller than Sophi, but not less sophisticated: Wireless, dual linear, four rocker switches, freely programmable, simple charging process in the foot pedal parking position through inductive charging