a perfect Phaco System - Very sophisticated
- Mobility
- Simplicity
- Safety

Very Sophisticated

1.Video-Inlay 2 Display

Microscope images transmitted to display through Wi-Fi.


2. Sensory Information Assistance

  • Voice Information Assistance
  • Text2Speech
  • LED Information Assitance


3. Triple Pump Fluidics

  • IOP Control Pump infusion
  • Peristaltic Pump aspiration
  • Clean Venturi aspiration


4. Usability

    • Fast set-up of the operating room, thanks to the rotatable display, central braking system and wireless power supply.


5. Easy Move

  • A fully charged battery lasts for up to 20 surgeries. Thanks to the integrated air compressor, external pneumatic tubes are unnecessary.












6. Foot Pedal

Smaller than Sophi, but not less sophisticated: Wireless, dual linear, four rocker switches, freely programmable, simple charging process in the foot pedal parking position through inductive charging.






7. Explore Sophi’s mobility

Set up, operate, rearrange – again and again. One wants a device which can be moved easily and conveniently. We have used the possibilities of modern technology, and freed Sophi of disturbing cables and tubes. This revolutionary step gives you more flexibility and constitutes a crucial workflow improvement in the operating room.